The National Day of Civic Hacking is the largest ever national convening of civic hackers coming together to tackle issues that are most pertinent to you and your community. The third annual National Day of Civic Hacking will take place in communities across the United States on June 6, 2015.

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  • More than Ten Thousand Citizens Hack for Good at the Second-Annual National Day of Civic Hacking

    White House - 3 July 2014

  • Hackers aim to rewrite Redding's story

    Action News Now (Redding) - 1 June 2014

  • Hacking a Better Pittsburgh

    I Heart Pgh - 1 June 2014

  • It was a massive meeting of municipalities and the entrepreneurial minds. CityCampKC14 brought together start-ups and metro cities for a brainstorming event that's catching quite the buzz.

    KCTV 5 (Kansas City) - 1 June 2014

  • Civic Hacking 2.0: IMLS Celebrates Civic Hacking

    Blog of the Institute of Museum and Library Services - 1 June 2014

  • “The concept of National Day of Civic Hacking is to connect public officials, the community and all around data and building apps that have good civic impact,” Brian Norris with Soical Health Insights said.

    WISH TV (Indianapolis) - 1 June 2014

  • "We're making technology, working together collaboratively to improve our communities," said Bradley Holt, brigade captain of Code for BTV.

    WPTZ (Burlington) - 1 June 2014

  • Mini-hackathon brainstorms easy access website for Reno parks

    Reno Gazette Journal - 1 June 2014

  • "Code for America's goal is to liberate publicly owned data from government silos, so that governments, businesses, non-profits, and citizens can use the data to better benefit the public."

    Deadline Detroit - 31 May 2014

  • "The civic hacking initiative aims to illustrate the power of open government, particularly where data is available to support meaningful collaboration between the public and private sectors, and demonstrate how citizens can improve their local communities with data and technology. The promotion of transparency, participation and collaboration is a cause very close to our mission here at Data Driven Detroit."

    Data Driven Detroit - 31 May 2014

  • "I think there is a real willingness for our government to open up data, but they need some direction as to where to start. That's where citizens can play a role. "

    Urban Innovation Exchange - 31 May 2014

  • "At the hackathons, participants will try to solve problems by blending the old and the new: They’ll use open data, information that’s increasingly being made available to the public. They’ll bring varying levels of tech know-how, or expertise in other subjects. And they’ll rely on good, old-fashioned teamwork."

    Silicon Beat - 30 May 2014

  • Institute of Museum and Library Services (IMLS) Celebrates Civic Hacking

    IMLS Blog - 30 May 2014

  • Portland hackers tackle campaign finance, garbage data to make civic apps

    Portland Business News - 30 May 2014

  • What is national day of civic hacking?

    Northwest Georgia News - 30 May 2014

  • Chicago gets in on the hacking

    Chicago Tribune - 30 May 2014

  • This weekend, software developers, entrepreneurs, and local governments from around the world are coming together to design and build tools for the common good. Using publicly released data, participants in the National Day of Civic Hacking will work together to integrate new technology tools to solve community problems.

    NPR - 30 May 2014

  • Civic-Minded Innovators Will Be Performing 'Random Hacks of Kindness' This Weekend

    BostInno - 30 May 2014

  • "The idea is to bring together those from government and nonprofit organizations, who are most familiar with the city’s needs, and those with the tech skills to bring to life ideas that could benefit the community."

    The Tennessean - 29 May 2014

  • This weekend more than 120 events in more than 100 cities will observe the second annual National Day of Civic Hacking, an event open to everyone who has a passion for making constructive civic change. It’s for you, even if you don’t know how to code or wouldn’t dream of calling yourself a “hacker.”

    Knight Foundation - 29 May 2014

  • We live in an age where people around the world are increasingly interested in taking an active role in changing their communities for the better, and the possibilities of the impact we can collectively have are really only limited by our imagination and our will to act. It’s just a matter of getting started.

    Business Spectator - 29 May 2014

  • This year the open-source, big data extravaganza goes global in its efforts to empower citizens to improve their communities through collaborative action

    The Guardian - 29 May 2014

  • Global [freespace] Movement to Hack the 2014 World Cup

    Burning Man Blog - 28 May 2014

  • Hey, hackers: Here’s your chance to build apps that solve government challenges

    Geek Wire - 28 May 2014

  • ATX Hack for Change is the annual civic and social good hackathon held in conjunction with the National Day of Civic Hacking, the largest ever national convening of civic hackers.

    Herald Online - 27 May 2014

  • Augusta’s budding technology and innovation scene will be on display Saturday.

    Augusta Chronicle - 27 May 2014

  • Elections and changes in government urged by apps, tweets and status updates are one thing, but it’s the ability to do something with open data that is leading to a new era of social activism.

    Intel IQ - 23 May 2014

  • Part of a larger national movement, the Atlanta National Day of Civic Hacking is a civic hackathon bringing software developers, designers, data analysts, entrepreneurs, subject matter experts and concerned citizens together for a weekend of creative problem solving and collaboration.

    Venture Atlanta - 23 May 2014

  • Computer gurus to join Tampa’s ‘civic day of hacking’ May 31

    Tampa Tribune - 23 May 2014

  • Never before has technological literacy been so important, especially for those entering the workforce.

    Huffington Post - 23 May 2014

  • "Their second annual Akron Civic Hackathon event will put volunteer programmers, designers and entrepreneurs to work on problems brought to them by government and civic entities in need of some technological help. The local event is part of a National Day of Civic Hacking that gives tech-savvy types the opportunity to give back to their communities."

    ohio.com - 22 May 2014

  • How to Hack Civic Data for Social Good

    Intel IQ - 20 May 2014

  • An interview about National Day of Civic Hacking

    StateScoop - 20 May 2014

  • The Federal List of #HackforChange Projects

    DigitalGov - 15 May 2014

  • The challenges we face are sometimes unique, and sometimes universal, but they are all interrelated, they all require innovation, and we can all be part of the solution. The National Day of Civic Hacking is a call to action for leaders in cities everywhere to unleash their can-do spirit by collaboratively harnessing publicly-released data and code to create all kinds of innovative solutions for problems that affect citizens everywhere.

    Open Source Way - 15 May 2014

  • "Data from governments is the fuel, and the creativity of citizens is the spark. The result is powerful new civic apps and services that can change communities and that collectively can change our country."

    Programmable Web - 13 May 2014

  • National Day of Civic Hacking Widens Reach in Second Year

    ACM TechNews - 6 May 2014

  • ". . . these teams represent the cutting edge, the leading edge, of new usage models.”

    Washington Post - 2 May 2014

  • Mayors from about 15 cities, mainly in Latin America, and other dignitaries, as well as executives from companies such as IBM, Cisco and Microsoft, came together to at the eMerge event to seek tech solutions for the social good.

    Miami Herald - 4 May 2014

  • "Civic leaders and organizations around the world are preparing for events surrounding the National Day of Civic Hacking, scheduled for the weekend of May 31 to June 1, with activities already underway."

    GovFresh - 2 May 2014

  • “This is very much based around being a civic engagement event," Massarrat said, "and it’s about really understanding that the toughest challenges are not for one community alone to solve."

    Government Technology - 2 May 2014

  • "Civic leaders and organizations around the world are preparing for events surrounding the National Day of Civic Hacking, scheduled for the weekend of May 31 to June 1, with activities already underway."

    GovFresh - 2 May 2014

  • "May 31 kicks off the second annual National Day of Civic Hacking. It’s a day for civic activists, technology experts, and entrepreneurs around the country to combine their expertise with new technologies and publicly released data to build tools that help others in their own neighborhoods and across the United States. We can’t wait to take part, which is why we're inviting developers and tech experts to the White House for an all-day (civic) hackathon on May 29."

    White House - 1 May 2014

  • "Hackanooga is a great chance for the city of Chattanooga to gather together around building a more open community, all in partnership with an international movement of citizens owning their governments," Daniel Ryan, co-captain of the Open Chattanooga Brigade

    Nooga - 25 April 2014

  • "Part of our interest is shifting the focus from what is the value imbedded and inherent in these large data sets, to how do those data sets contribute to a very contextualized applications of people in communities facing problems." Brandon Barnett, Intel

    FCW - 25 April 2014

  • As President Obama has said, “In this democracy, we the people recognize that this government belongs to us, and it’s up to each of us and every one of us to make it work better… We all have a stake in government success—because the government is us."

    White House - 17 April 2014

  • Making It: That hacking has come to mean two very different aspirations became evident when Barack Obama belittled Edward Snowden as “a twenty-nine-year-old hacker” only a few weeks after the White House endorsed the first National Day of Civic Hacking.

    The New Yorker - 13 January 2013

  • Hacking For Change: My Experience At National Day Of Civic Hacking

    Rack Space - 17 June 2013

  • Is Civic Hacking The Future Of Democracy And Job Creation?

    Forbes - 9 June 2013

  • How big data helps big cities

    Christian Science Monitor - 7 June 2013

  • Playing the Game or Hacking the System?

    Huffington Post - 5 June 2013

  • There's Hacking, Then There's Civic Hacking

    Tech President - 3 June 2013

  • Government releases ‘unprecedented amount of data’ for National Day of Civic Hacking

    Venture Beat - 31 May 2013

  • Esri Supports National Day of Civic Hacking

    Wall Street Journal - 31 March 2013

  • White House, NASA Celebrate National Day of Hacking

    Wired - 31 March 2013

  • Big Data Drives 'National Day Of Civic Hacking'

    Information Week - 31 May 2013

  • National Day of Civic Hacking Seeks to Mine Data For Public Gold

    Fast Company - 31 March 2013

  • Coders and Government Join Forces for National Day of Civic Hacking

    Mashable - 29 June 2013

  • Red White and Hacked? The First National Day of Civic Hacking

    MIT - 29 March 2013

  • Hackers prepare for first "national holiday" in their honor

    Boing Boing - 13 May 2013

  • National Day of Civic Hacking at the White House

    White House - 5 April 2013

  • The Circuit: White House proposes day of ‘civic hacking’

    Washington Post - 5 April 2013

  • US Government Announces National Day of Civic Hacking

    Slash Dot - 23 January 2013

  • White House Announces National Day Of Civic Hacking, Asks Americans To Solve Problems With Govt Data From NASA And More

    TechCrunch - 22 January 2013

  • White House announces National Day of Civic Hacking, declares open season on government data

    The Verge - 22 January 2013

  • Civic Innovation Thrives in Silicon Valley

    Forbes - 1 June 2014

  • Government groups tap civic 'hackers' to address problems

    Indianapolis Business Journal - 29 May 2014

  • Los Angeles hosts a two-day hackathon inside City Hall

    Digital Journal - 2 June 2014

  • Six projects from #Hack4Access: hackathon on disability, aging issues

    Technically Philly - 2 June 2014

  • L.A. Hackathon winners create homeless services app

    LA Times - 1 June 2014

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