New Orleans Hackathon


We’re looking to be a mashup of community involvement as well as technology development, and more importantly, organize so this is an ongoing, organic, self sustaining process, and not just a one time thing.  We will have access to meeting space and internet access.

The key for this is to identify and respond to community need in data access and technology, in a way that works for the community, regardless of their access to technology.  People are invited and encouraged to attend, regardless of technical skill level.  What is needed is vision and an ability to discuss community needs in these areas, and ideally be able to continue working with the process even after the day of civic hacking is over.

It’s important to remember that the original meaning of the word “hack” was about getting things done in a practical way.  The thrust of this event is about getting things done and DIY, for the good of the community and its members.

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About National Day of Civic Hacking

On May 31 and June 1, 2014, we’ll be making history all over again. For the second time, the National Day of Civic Hacking will unite technologists, entrepreneurs, developers and other citizens in using open data to improve communities and the governments that serve them.

Want to get involved? Contact one of your local organizers (listed below) to find out how.