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  • iTNerary

    iTNerary is an itinerary day planner for the Nashville Metropolitan area that utilizes open data and Yelp API (for food activity type). Look forward to expanding this to other cities.


    Open Data Challenge


    Hack for Change Nashville

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  • [freespace] ATX

    [freespace] is an experiment in activating underutilized space with those that could use those spaces for the benefit of the community itself. Our project at Hack for Change was geared towards streamlining the process of connecting those with space with those that…


    [freespace] ATX


    ATX Hack for Change

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  • OpenFEMA API Explorer

    I had a look at FEMA’s OpenFEMA API and played around with it a bit. My page is far from complete, but it does allow you to make basic queries to FEMA’s data sets via the API. I hope to soon allow…


    Interactive API Explorer


    Rochester Hackathon

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  • Excellence By Design

    The amazing work in Augusta, Georgia, a major contributor to the National Day of Civic Hacking, was highlighted in a short film by the Georgia Municipal Association called “Excellence By Design”. The video is about 12 minutes, but the featured part starts at 8:33 and worth…

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  • Hack the Future: Zidell Yards

    So for this glorious national weekend of civic hacking we’ve been hacking away at the future of Zidell Yards. “Located in the heart of Portland’s South Waterfront District, the Zidell family’s 33-acre riverfront property is the largest undeveloped site in the city….

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  • Who are we? Makeup of the #hackforchange Community

    As the participants in National Day of Civic Hacking know, we worked this year to profile the community and get some data around who is doing civic innovation. While we only had a small portion of the community respond, we found the…

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